Friday, 17 August 2007

I've dropped out of AdGoldrush

I stopped paying my monthly subscription in July. I sense that all is not well at AdGold Rush and have decided to waste no more money. I could be wrong but I don't see anything positive emerging for the future. Information is scarce and emails few and far between. When they do arrive they are filled with promises but don't fill you with much hope that things are going to get better very quickly. My advice is steer clear.

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Sunday 25th February 2007

AdGold Rush seems to be having server trouble. A few things are not working properly, especially the Support Center.

Got my new blog today "pressure washer" URL Have just posted to Netscape and a few social bookmarking sites. But I still don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do each week to get the best mileage out of my blogs.

There are videos and information about what I want to know here and there on the site, but information is often contradictory.

Haven't noticed a spike in my Adsense earnings, just a few cents now and then. It will be a long time before I join the 5K clan.

Monday, 19 February 2007

I haven't had a reply to my email re. exactly what part I am expected to play in promoting my websites. So I'll soldier on , submitting posts to Netscape and Digg and to relevant blog sites that I get from Google searches.

I tried to set up a new site a few days ago. It seemed to be available to me from my Site Generator. It is called However, when I try to access the site, it doesn't seem to exist. Perhaps I'm not yet entitled to this site and it will become available in time.

Last Friday 16th February I went to Site Generator and clicked on Add Domain and my new blog topic was there - man shoes. I chose for a domain name I can't yet post about it as Whenever I want to see what the site is like I get the message Under Construction.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

More WordPress Sites

Sunday 11th February 2007

Sent an email yesterday to Liz Sherwood with a few qustions

Hello Liz,

Just received your email and as a beginner would like to ask you a few questions.
I joined as a Dynamite Silver member and would welcome advice on EXACTLY what part
I personally should play in my success.

I have seen to choosing my niche and domain name and have posted to Netscape and Digg.

Do I or do you post to other social bookmarking sites? Do I forget about promoting
site one when I start on site two etc?

What exactly do 5K and 10K members do to earn their income levels? What affiliate programs
are attached to our sites? Can we promote them as well? When could I expect to see some
income from Adsense? I am on my 3rd site now.

Finally, what is all that about the 60 niche bonus?

All the best,
Don Driscoll

I expect a reply tomorrow. In the meantime I have created another site about cholesterol
www.fat-and-cholesterol I wonder if I can keep up with promoting the sites especially as I have discovered that my first site, which was not working a day or two ago , is now fully operational and will need posts to Netscape and Digg.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Nothing Much Happening Just Now

Thursday 8th February 2007

Things are happening quietly in the background, but still not 100% sure what part I'm supposed to play as a dynamite member. Posts are being made more or less daily to my 2 blogs by Liz Sherwood. I have posted to Tecknorati today and posted a day or so ago to Netscape, Digg and one other social bookmarking site. Is that enough? Perhaps I should try a few more.

Friday, 2 February 2007

Just got my second site

Friday 2nd February Just got my second World Press Blog Site from AdGold Rush. The niche I have chosen is " Storage Shed" and the URL I have chosen is All I need to do now, unless I am mistaken, is promote my site by going to Netscape and Digg and add a post about my site topic with my new site as the link for more information. I think I'll have another look at Liz Sherwood's video on how to do it properly.l

As I understand it Liz Sherwood sees to promoting my site to various social bookmarking sites. I hope I'm right.

Eventually I imagine I shall know exactly what to do each week to effectively promote my site. I take it that once I have promoted to Netscape and Digg for a particular site, that is all I need do. I don't have to re-promote to that site ever again . Liz Sherwood will be drip feeding content and posts to my site and hopefully I should see some return for my money.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Things are beginning

Sunday 28th January. I went to my log in site and filled in my information for Liz Sherwood to create what appears to be my first site. I have chosen as my URL It should be fully functional in a day or two.

The other site I thought I'd chosen is not functioning. I don't know why. Maybe I was not supposed to have it in the first place.

Now I have got to start getting my head around the business of promoting my site. I don't fully understand what I'm supposed to do, so I'll have to look at the various videos and then work out a weekly system I can follow.

I haven't worked out how you promote when you have a number of sites in your portfolio. Do I just promote a site each week and once promoted do I just forget about it? I shall have to find out.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

At last, things are happening

Thursday 25th Jan 2007 . Got an email on 23rd askiing me to confirm my request to join the Silver Miners. Did so and got an email fromBrian telling me I had been added ito the system and that my username was northgate and password *************.

Same day an email came from Liz Sherwood with instructions about getting started. She would need my adsense affiliate number and would need me to choose a niche site and a domain name . And then she would build my site. I had to come back in 24 hours and the site would be up and running. I'll let you know when it is done.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

What was on the Support Site (Help Desk)

When I accessed the Help Desk I found a few suggested places to visit for more information .
#1 Getting Started Dynamite Miner . I pursued the advice on a few of the pages linked to the first page and am about to sign up with a number of required affiliate programs and Social Bookmarking sites. The most important places to join include Google Adsense, Amazon, ClickBank, ShareASale Netscape and Digg. Then there are 14 or 15 Social Bookmarking sites.

Latest Development

Tuesday 23rd January. Attempted to get in touch with Liz Sherwood again by replying to an email she sent me on 11th January 2007. This email was the one that got me started and contained a link to a promotional video In reply to my email I got back a request to submit a Help Desk Ticket, which I have done and hopefully I might get back some useful information, such as log in details.